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Firefighter Equipment Art

Firefighter, EMT and 1st responder related art is our specialty. These products make the ultimate Firefighter Gift! Firefighter art, scenes and illustrations are something that takes creative skill mixed with understanding. I have found that firefighters seem to attach a lot of sentimental value to these fire fighter picture objects such as tanks, axes and helmets; partly because they are very familiar with the equipment, but mostly because of what it represents, does or has done.

Some have their personal helmet or an axe from the department they have been at for years painted with a fire fighter picture, to cherish and adorn the walls of an office or study. Often for a retirement gift the firefighters wife, family or fellow firefighters choose a helmet and photos that have special meaning for the firefighter and we create a personalized fire fighter picture on it. I use photos to create a fire fighter collectible.

Firefighter picture art can easily be turned into a collectible considering the lifetime value of a helmet, or axe that has seen years of service. When considering a firefighter picture for providing a fire fighter collectible, talk to us, we can work with you on your photos, your objects and can provide ideas and suggestions before we begin. This way your fire fighter collectible is something that will remain with you for years as a cherished memory.

Each piece, whether an axe, helmet or drawing/painting is original artwork. You will never come across another one quite like the one you have purchased!
- Janice Williams

Firefighter Picture, Firefighter Collectible, Firefighter Gift are all represented on this site.
If there are items that you feel you would like to have a fire fighter picture painted on, please by all means contact me.

The illustrations (which can see here)are a sample only of what type of fire fighter picture or fire fighter collectible is available.
If this is a firefighter gift please ask us for suggestions if your unsure.


In the Media


Karri Ramo wore it after his first win of the 2013-14 NHL season, a 27-save effort propelling the Calgary Flamesover the Los Angeles Kings. It sat awkwardly atop his head, looking like a colander with his stringy hair descending like cooked spaghetti.

But he wore it proudly. Because he earned it. And because it means something to both his team and the real heroes in its community.

This season, the Flames are handing out a fire helmet, given to them by the Calgary Fire Department, to the "hardest-working player" at the end of each game.

The department gifted it to the team and had it painted red and yellow, airbrushing a sillouetted image of firefighters on one side and hockey players on the other -- shadows of each other.

The fire department's initials are on the front; the Flames' logo is on the back.

"The philosophy in coaching between the fire department and sports teams is not that far apart," said Calgary fire chief Bruce Burrell. "We think it's all about team camaraderie and professionalism."

Burrell met the Flames earlier this season during a team-building exercise with the fire department.


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